What Happens in Amsterdam – Stays in Amsterdam

Our last port of call finishing up our 24 day Carnival Legends cruise.

The circumstances of our day in this the capital of the Nederland’s was extremely different from the last time when we found ourselves victims of failed communication from our IDBus captain.

What a difference a trip makes when it is planned and you are flush with euro!

An extra added benefit was the ongoing heat wave European cities all across the globe are experiencing and Amsterdam was not to be denied.

There was plenty of action with bustling Sunday throngs of people out walking, enjoying ice cream cones, imbibing alcohol, smoking “who knows what”, riding bicycles  and just plain soaking up the eclectic vibe that runs through the city.

Joel and I made up for our inactivity of going on shore as we walked several blocks into the heart of the centre where we shopped and enjoyed a beer as we sat to count our blessings on the next to last chapter of this version of Neptunian adventure.

If you ever have the desire to walk on the wild side you can do so legally and quite safely. I would venture to say that being an anomaly is quite the normal in this quirky and diverse city that manages to combine their 17th century historical atmosphere with the mindset of a modern metropolitan city.

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