What Do Civitavecchia & Livorona Italy & Toulon, France Have In Common?

Day 10 – Back to Back Civitavecchia

After 3 hours of dancing last night we only had energy for a short walk around the city which was much sunnier and with calmer seas from our previous visit.

We walked through the outdoor market salivating over the fresh produce and settled for gelato in the park as we watched the bambino’s at play.

A nap may be in our future.

Day 11 – Back to Back Livorno, Italy

We stayed on board today since this port was not very interesting the previous visit and it was nice to experience a full on day of relaxation especially on the heels of our night, which was to retire to our stateroom before 10:00 pm.

This morning during his solo time in the gym Joel had a conversation with another passenger that expressed concerns regarding this cruise.

Typically Joel and I do not care to harbor ill will or negative reviews towards experiences. In all fairness I must say that on this second leg the pleasures we have experienced has been our interactions with the crew members.

Being recognized as back to back cruisers the level of solidarity has been raised to a small standard being able to share to some degree life aboard a cruise ship.

Understandably we see it from a different perspective and applaud these hard working people that do their jobs with a smile, despite the fact they are far removed from family.

Day 12 – Back to Back Toulon, France

What a difference a day makes – today the city was teeming with people enjoying a beyond beautiful sun filled day.

We strolled through the outdoor market where I purchased a summer frock for 10 euro, then a short meander at a small indoor mall and massive grocery store.

An hour spent at a seaside tavern talking with Liz & Larry from Arizona, a newlywed and newly retired couple celebrating their honeymoon, it was nice meeting and sharing observations on travel and family over a couple cold ones.

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