We Left Our Hearts in Civitavecchia

Our first port was our third visit to this port city and to our delight the temperature was mild and sunny. We struck up a conversation on the bus ride over with New Yorker Mary Ann and willingly accepted her into our company as we walked the pier.

A walk down a previously unexplored area revealed clusters of enchanting pizzerias scattered along the ocean front. 

After an hour of walking Mary Ann decided to make her way back to the ship and we revisited our gelato shop eating our treats at the bambino park.

Backtracking to the pizzeria we devoured a huge three flavored pizzas with several glasses of beer and promises to return in a couple of days for more.

Two sea days are on the horizon before our day at the port of Pireas (Athens) Greece. We have a dance appointment with DJ Sunil after securing that he will be happy to honor our request for danceable rock music.

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  1. Joslyn says:

    cold beer and pizza, yum :P!!! new yorker, mary ann, sounds like an awesome travel meet!!!

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