The Great Steady Rock of Gibraltar

This line from a song by the musician Nick Cave sent us its siren song almost 10 years ago to woo us to the country of Malta which was our first cruise port.

What a fascinating area with its stamp of all the past nations which once conquered  this sprawling city leaving behind their stamp on the architecture combining Greek, Roman, Arabic and other cultures.

At the port entry we made our way through the polite line of cabbies and horse drawn carriages as we headed to the hop on / hop off bus.

Pandemonium broke out when one of the horses came careening out of control in a panic speeding away from his owner. There were men running after the horse with shouts of panic in attempts to stop him.

Several blocks away we came upon the sight of the splintered buggy and a trail of blood leading to the subdued horse safe on the sidelines being examined for injury.

Those high jinks were soon forgotten as we enjoyed almost 3 hours beguiled by the beauty of Malta. It was the best of all we’d seen in our travels. All we can say is if you ever have the opportunity to visit, you should.

Nick Cave “thank you” for planting the seed.

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