Summer in the Hamptons

Not those Hamptons – South Hampton.

Five days during which England experienced the hottest temperatures on record in seven years.

We are fortunate to say we were part of history as we enjoyed unparalleled record temperatures genuine hospitality on our sojourn to our next cruise.

Our land layover was spent at two very traditional bed & breakfast, the first being “The Mayfair Guest House.”

Mayfair is ideally situated in a lovely British neighborhood minutes away from the town centre and an easy 20 minute taxi ride to the cruise port.

It’s a family run business smoothly run by proprietors Andy and Mark. They cheerily lugged our 6 pieces of luggage up the steep flight of steps escorting us to a very charming and spacious attic room with an ensuite bathroom.

The accommodations included made to order breakfast of which Joel availed himself to every morning enjoying a typical home cooked British breakfast of eggs, toast, grilled tomatoes,turkey sausage and beans.

 I took the opportunity to sleep in as evening temperatures often proved difficult to reach REM sleep and the morning coolness was perfect for snuggling under the duvet.

This stopover in South Hampton we needed to resupply our wardrobe which had started to feel ragged after 4 months of continuous wear, thus the location was perfect for daily walks to the nearby shopping mall.

The exhausting walks every day in the relentless sun netted a few pieces of clothing to spruce up our wardrobes and some tasty meals of cuisine unlike any we had experienced in England before, as a matter of fact neighborhood pubs serving up fish and chips seem to be a thing of the past.

Instead, we dined on sushi, Thai cuisine and tasty grilled chicken to rival any Brazilian churrasco. 

Another great change was the friendliness of the British people. We were very impressed with the levels of customer service and it was a joy to feel so welcome in the country.

In the past warmth and sociability would not have been a verb we would have used to describe the typical Brit.

Due to an error on our part we had to vacate our lovely room at the Mayfair but it was quickly sorted out by a phone call to the B & B a couple doors away where we were welcomed in like family by Brian and Eileen at the Rivendell Guest House.

In short order we were made comfortable in our cozy room. After a long chat in the kitchen with the owners we spent a couple hours away completing last minute errands, only to return to find Eileen had kindly washed, folded and ironed our dirty clothes as a favor since she was washing when we arrived.

There were many similar gestures of hospitality which made our one day stay most pleasant and it was with a tugging on our heart that we said goodbye as we climbed into our taxi on the way to our last adventure.

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