Sexy Salerno

Salerno may not have the renown of its nearest neighbors Pompeii and Positano but this charming city with its spectacular sea front promenade has been compared to the French Rivera.

This city was extremely lovely, some of the scenery looked very much like the mythical city of “Rivendale” home of the elfish people in “The Lord of the Rings.”

We enjoyed a 45 minute narrated trolley tour through the historical downtown area full of activity during the lunch hour as people went about their day.

Lunch was a very delicious banquet of pizza to start and a shared meal of perfectly fried potatoes and a sumptuous piece of baked chicken.

Made all the more perfect by chilled Italian beers, people watching and free Wi-Fi.

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  1. Joslyn says:

    You should be a tour guide!!! Your description was short, sweet and to the point!!! Your description of the food and beverage is making my mouth water, cheers!!!

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