Royal Caribbean International Serenade of the Seas

10 years ago we became devotees of RC’s ship “The Brilliance” and have many fond memories of pleasurable sailings.

This was our first excursion with Serenade and we were quite pleased to be back with the RC family.

First impressions were favorable when first entering the ship. The lobby and entire ship is very elegant with lavish areas to relax scattered all around the ship.

The daily reminder of the days of the week in gold lettering at the entrance of the elevators is a unique way to keep one aware of each day of possibilities.

Activities on offer range from enrichment lectures typically concentrating on historical facts of upcoming ports, jewelry and scrap book crafting. Also crowd pleasers such as bingo, scavenger hunts and learning dances such as the hustle or line dancing.

Sad to see that economics have trimmed down what was once a substantive on board library, now reduced to the size of a small cupboard.

Instead of free room service there is now a service charge accessed after midnight.

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  1. Joslyn says:

    sucks on the room service :(… but sounds like activites and services were a-plenty!!!

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