Pub grub review: Fat Squirrel Pub & Grille

This establishment is located in the city of Rio Rancho at 3755 Southern Blvd SE. If you are curious about the origin of the pub name I suggest you check out their website.

Because the Fat Squirrel is described as being patterned after an upscale English pub (per the excellent blog: Gil’s Thrilling (And Filling) Blog, I had a premonition of what was in store and my intuition did not fail me.

Lest I sound like a snob, I must share I have dined in many a British pub and none had the antiseptic yet albeit pleasing atmosphere of the Fat Squirrel.

As I glanced around I felt nostalgic for the whiff of cigarettes and cigar smoke, the raucous laughter of men playing darts and the ever present pub dog, keeping a watchful eye out for bits and pieces of food dropped on the threadbare carpet.

To be fair I cannot compare the fish and chips, I was swayed by Gil’s review of the “El McGoldrick” burger, so named for his pal Larry McGoldrick (of Larry’s Albuquerque Food Musings blog) I enjoyed my burger loaded with an ample portion of cheddar cheese, and slightly overpowering green chili.

Sad to say my generous portion of fries were room temperature and not at all satisfying.
I did enjoy two glasses of the excellent Fat Squirrel brown beer and very much enjoyed the foot tapping music played over the speakers at a decibel which was conducive to conversation with ones dining companion.

Would I return to the Fat Squirrel? I would. I am intrigued by the fried pickles on their menu and cannot pass fair judgement until I sample their fish and chips.

I will also return to sample more of their artisan local beers.

Stay tuned for my follow up review.


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  1. Sorry the fries were disappointing, but the beer sounds like it more than made up for it! I do love fish and chips.

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