People Meeting People

One of the pleasures of traveling is making new friends and here I’d like to talk about some of those people we have met.

A shout out to the youth – Marina, Claire and Taylor from the Celebrity Sky Lounge who came bounding up to us like young gazelles to say hi and compliment our attire.  They were a breath of fresh air with their youthful exuberance.

Larry and Chantisa residents of Thailand who we kept running into at the ice bar and shared an afternoon conversation on the merits of living and doing business in Thailand, I don’t think Larry managed to convince us however we did put in a plug for Panama and I have a feeling they may take the plunge to enjoy a canal crossing.

Jimmy and Diane residents of Florida with over 40 cruises to their name and a penchant for cross country driving vacations that this retired trucker has a passion for. It was a pleasure to see their smiling faces at the dinner table every night.

12 nights a friendship can be forged and we very much enjoyed our conversations that touched on many subjects both in common and vastly different in scope.

One of the most unique facts we learned about them was the fact that they had been married and divorced 3 times to each other! I would say they were highly qualified with their advice for a lasting marriage which is communication.

James and Sharon residents of Washington, D.C. Two self claimed entrepreneurial types fired up about the passion Joel has for self development where the foundation for further conversation was based.

A chance encounter reading a dinner menu segwayed into over an hour conversation with Charlene and Delanie from Alabama, a grandmother and granddaughter cruising lovingly together. Again a wide range of topics were discussed and Joel was in his element given the opportunity to expound on the subject of goal building and preparation for success.

Most certainly I would be remiss not to mention crew staff. There is not always the opportunity to know names or sometimes to pronounce them though most with unfamiliar syllables provide us with handy nicknames.

It is always a pleasure to see familiar faces with smiles and a moment to share a word or two.


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