Make a Party And They Will Come

Our siesta was refreshing and most welcome. We awoke ready for the formal dress evening with an appetite for the 3 course dinner.

Joel handsome as ever in his black suit and bow tie complete with his zoot suit jacket. My gold brocade mini dress and mini Amy Winehouse pompadour complemented his style.

Dinner was delicious and afterward we needed to dance off our calories.

A quick change into our rocker clothes and off we headed to the Vortex night club.

I had a list of request for DJ Sunil to make it easier for him to accommodate us.

He did an admirable job and our aching joints, scratchy throats and muddled thinking the next day was worth the 3 hours of dancing we did.

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  1. Joslyn says:

    i need pics :)!! sounds like you partied hardy :)!!!

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