“LUST” At Sea

Hoping to read of a steamy encounter?

Not this time, however it stands for the acronym to mean:

Love, unification, strength and trust all embodied in the production we saw last night of “Come Fly With Me” from the Parisian couple Celia and Julien.

An awe inspiring tale of their travels and love for their work as told through the medium of stunning acrobatic lifts and aerial routines set to soul stirring music.

Their autobiography notes they have worked with “Cirque du Soleil”, “Holiday On Ice”, and “Endemol Middle East.”

At the end of the 45 minute production the audience rose to their feet to give them a well deserved ovation.

This is a show you do not want to miss.

Sea Day 8

Joel and I had the immense pleasure this afternoon to conduct an informal interview with the acrobatic team Celia and Julien.

This gymnast and ballerina/acrobat met 6 years ago during a work assignment in France, first connecting professionally and later romantically as they discovered their shared passion to present their craft to the world combining the disciplines of their professions.

They spent a year creating their current production which is homage to their courtship from the past to present.

The costumes were created by Celia and the musical score was chosen indicating specific markers of the jobs they held spanning their careers.

The entire production is original to their story and is also a collaborative effort which includes the artwork done by Celia’s mother who is a former circus performer.

Celia and Julien are making a name for themselves in the cruise entertainment industry and we can fully understand why.

We were enthralled last night after their show and now that we have seen the love in their eyes for their craft and each other, we have no doubts they will achieve their dreams.

Long term they plan to continue perfecting their act as they put in the necessary hours of practice and the discipline of taking care of their bodies as they endeavor to create exciting and innovative collaborations.

An interesting observation when I asked if there is a certain diet or regime they follow, they were honest enough to share they eat as they like as long as they keep balance and moderation in mind.

Some of their mind blowing lifts and feats of strength might lead you to think otherwise, but on this we will take their word for it.

Short term goal for this lovely couple is their upcoming nuptials to be held in their home country of France, where they will celebrate their “big but small and easy but complicated wedding” on the anniversary of their 7th year of dating.

The secret to their successful partnership?

“That is easy because we love each other and love what we do.”

They both agree for aspiring acrobats the most important advice is” to have a dream.”

In closing I leave you with their favorite quote; “Happiness means nothing without someone to share it with.”

Joel and I encourage you to check out their website: www.aboutdebras.com

The People You Meet

One of the side benefits of travel is the interesting people you meet. Today we met Pat from Tampa, Florida (nee Mobile, Alabama) a newly retired fellow traveler married to John for 11 years.

We had a brief and fact filled conversation with Pat we compared travel notes.

She is a great fan of NCL freestyle and waxed rapacious about cruising the Baltic, and Norwegian countries.

Pat you promised you are going to check out our blog, if you are here please drop me a line. It was our pleasure to make your acquaintance and the icing on the cake was later in the evening when we ran into John near the elevators who took a moment to say “hello” and tell us that you too enjoyed meeting us.

“Hey John, just where did you get those two cold Heinekens?”

Day 9 – Return to Napoli

This morning we received a call from guest services advising us “that there is no record of on board credits and to take the issue up with our travel agent.”

Upon hearing this news Joel made a very austere observation “that an organization as large as NCL should not take so long to answer a customer complaint.”

I remain mystified over the fact that a day after we made our original inquiry a basket of fruit and wine was delivered to our stateroom which was part of the promise along with the credits.

Every other cruise line we have booked with has told us we will receive ship board credits as a “thank you” for doing business with them. Holland America honored their promise and we will find out if the other cruise lines follow in their footsteps of being a class act, unlike NCL with their freewheeling/ free stealing/ free style way of doing business.

Back to Naples, we revisited our last lunch place enjoying once again pizza and the local Italian beer Peroni; the suave proprietor remembered us from our last visit and welcomed us with a handshake and a smile.

In port until 6:30 this evening, it has been an easy paced day rising at a leisurely hour and enjoyable lunch. Several hours of relaxing here on deck 12 with a view of Naples.

The evening shades of the blue sky deepening into dusk with the billowy clouds and clusters of ancient buildings, palazzos on hill tops and the Mediterranean sea dotted with sail boats and various ships is enough to make you pinch yourself.

The house band has started playing popular music from the 40’s and 50’s, nothing like listening to “My Satin Doll” in anticipation of a glass of champagne.

Only 3 more ports and we will be in Barcelona for 8 days. Tonight DJ Chris is listed on the free style newsletter offering a rock night from 9:00 to 11:00 – dare we get our air guitars ready?

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