GLITZ! GLAM! Thank you Ma’am – Spirits Sleight of Hand

On the second leg of our back to back journey aboard NCL Spirit the crew members still serving their contracts became familiar and friendly faces.

Most did a double take after seeing us on the repositioning back to Barcelona. We suspect some may even wondered if we were mystery cruisers, like the mystery shopper program.

I am sure that train of thought is that of an overactive imagination.

I only wish it were true in the eyes of the front desk staff that never did make us feel as though we were valued or appreciated for our business. We were extremely disgruntled with their lack of follow through concerning our ship board credits.

It took the management almost a week to respond to our polite request to ascertain if we were indeed to expect the credits that were not delivered as promised in addition to the free bottle of wine and fruit basket that appeared in our state room on the second leg of our journey.

Another disturbing incident occurred with management in the gift shop. When I arrived to exchange a product I was told it was not allowed despite the statement on the bag that read “customer satisfaction guaranteed – exchanges and refunds accepted.”

After a heated conversation between Joel and the manager who begrudgingly allowed an exchange we left with a bag of items we did not need or desire but restored semblance of dignity intact.

Evaluating this cruise ship we would not recommend it. The free style concept leaves much to be desired and it translates into a lack of first class care with the emphasis instead focusing on superficial offerings and gouging of the clients pocketbooks.

After midnight if you order room service an additional $3.95 is added to your bill and anytime room service pizza is ordered there is a charge of $5.00.

In addition to the automatic daily gratuity there is a surcharge for anything you order or service provided.

There are 11 restaurants onboard with the majority also at an additional cost ranging from $15 to $25 per person; conversations with fellow passengers that dined in those establishments were dissatisfied with menu choices.

We heard complaints of poor service and orders not prepared as specified as well as the same foods being offered that were free of charge in the main dining room “Raffles.”

Joel and I did enjoy our sushi meal at the specialty restaurant and found the quality and prices of the a’la carte sushi pieces quite good and a welcome respite from Raffles with its lackluster presentations and disparity of offerings from day to day.

The Blue Lagoon free restaurant was open 24 hours and prepared popular foods such as burgers and wings to order. It can get very crowded and serves up consistent meals ranging from perfect to acceptable.

NCL Spirit with their freewheeling / free stealing / free style way of doing business can take a long walk on a short plank.

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  1. Joslyn says:

    It would have been awesome to have you guys as “secret shoppers” on this cruise. I hope that your concerns were noted and perhaps changes will be made. I am, however, making a note of your dissatisfaction and hope that it is not the type of service we will receive when we cruise. I am glad that you guys were able to have a few good times and meals as not to make it a complete disappointment. Here’s hoping that your cruise time will improve on the next leg of your trip!!!

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