Fun in Folkstone

We had never heard of Folkstone and don’t ever plan on visiting again however we are certainly happy we discovered this gem of a city and recommend it as a stopping off point for cruising out of Dover.

Sadly it remained foggy and too overcast to properly see the famous white cliffs. We enjoyed a fine afternoon lunch at a local pub and were thoroughly entertained by the pub owner’s wife who kept up a dialogue of witty British humor as they celebrated her husband’s 60th birthday.

Later in the evening a fine Chinese meal was enjoyed and it was amusing to hear the young Asian restaurateurs calling each other bloke.

It was with fondness we bid goodbye to Folkstone and headed back down the winding roads to destination Dover and Carnival Legend.

Who Took the Party Out of Carnival?

Whenever the name Carnival is mentioned the first thing you hear is that out of all the cruise lines it is known as the party ship.

We have been on the Legend 7 days now and have yet to see what sets it apart from all the others.

On offer are the same activities you get everywhere else with the exception that there are 4 DJ’s names listed on the daily “Fun Times” newsletter. Fair to say we have yet to check them out.

The night club “Medusa’s Lair” is kept under lock and key during the day and the other night when we finally got in to take a peek the dance floor and bar area was too dimly lit to see anything clearly.

Perhaps the annoying nightly dance by the wait staff in the brightly decorated main dining room is meant to set the mood for fun but from our view point it merely distracts an already disorganized team from their task at hand.

Since we are on a back to back this part of our journey we are trying to make the best of this slightly outdated ship.

The décor throughout the ship highlights legends and some of the paintings and sculptors are quite magnificent in scope however in other areas the ship could use some updating and overhauling.

State rooms are quite large however our carpet is quite tattered and worn and the color scheme is best described as risqué faux art deco – in a word “old.”

Some of our best times in our room has been to draw tight the blackout curtains, crank up the air and cocoon under the covers as we recharge our batteries on a daily basis.

Being on a back to back tour creates no sense of urgency to plan day to day or get caught up in the process of booking a tour.

We are not too impressed with the Carnival line and their ranking on our scale is low enough that we would not consider booking with them again.

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