Eight Days a Week

In six days G-D created heaven and earth – on the seventh day HE rested.

In 8 days we did a transatlantic cruise on the infamous Queen Mary 2 also referred to as QE2.

Let me take a moment to back track and explain to those of you keeping count of our intended 6 month journey which has morphed into a 4 month journey along the way.

A couple of months into our cruise adventure Joel and I decided that the romance of living out of suitcases was starting to feel second rate instead of sublime.

In an effort to top off our grand venture in style research revealed the perfect opportunity to return stateside on aforementioned QE2.

Along the way we met a few British travelers many of whom had a cousin or friend that had experienced travel on the Queen Mary and we were confidently told that it was known to be posh or downright stuffy in its legendary status of rubbing elbows with the crème de la crème.

Seekers of all things exquisite that we are,  it was with bated breath that we boarded the ship dressed with flair setting the stage for the unparalleled experience we were sure awaited us.

Sad to say we were sorely disappointed. My refrain the entire 8 days was to lament that “I did not feel like Lady Astor.”

Lady Astor was one of the victims on the ill fated Titanic supposedly which Queen Mary was stylized after.

I was hoping to experience elegance beyond compare with unrivaled comparisons to any of the other cruise ships thus far.

The ship itself was a marvel with high ceilings, fabulous art and a certain elegant ambiance. There were a few alternative restaurants and a massive Canyon Ranch spa.

Queen Mary 2 also features “Illuminations Planetarium” which is used for lectures, movies and planetarium films.

Our state room was larger than usual however the carpet and décor showed signs of wear and tear. Most disappointing was our enclosed balcony which obstructed the view of the ocean and could only be enjoyed if standing at the railing.

Conversations with seasoned QE2 travelers revealed an undercurrent of dissatisfaction with the erosion of service since the Carnival Corporation acquired the ship from Cunard.

The 8 days were perfect for relaxing and accessing the next transition for our lives.

As we conclude this journey we are back in the states with a visit in North Carolina.

To be announced will be the next phase in this evolution of wanderlust.

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  1. joslyn says:

    Well, well, well, you can say you gave this adventure a try… What an experience it has been, the good , the bad and the ugly :)… I enjoyed reading your post!!! I am looking forward to our first upcoming mini cruise, just 5 days!!! We are not as adventurous as you guys ;)… I hope that it will prove to be enjoyable for us!!! Welcome back to the states!!! I know you two have already hit the ground running, and I look forward to your updates as your new adventure begins!!!

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