Down and Out in Dover

Leaving Amsterdam we hoped was not apropos to the beginning of our journey.

The check out process was smooth and we were happy to have our funds sorted out knowing we could afford the 20 minute taxi ride to the IDBUS area.

Right away the driver rudely announced his flat rate for our 6 pieces of luggage which seemed to cause him extreme consternation judging from the way he roughly slammed each piece into the boot.

Off he sped only to arrive at the wrong destination of which he had quickly scanned not noting the address was in the opposite direction he attempted to deposit us at.

After Joel communicated we were in the wrong location, he took the time to really read the address and exclaiming in perfect English the cuss word “shit!” he drove like a bat out of hell narrowly avoiding cyclers and pedestrians to get us to the bus area.

With nary a look over his shoulder he dropped us off leaving us to our own devices as we waited under the shade of the tree for our transport to Lille, France.

It was perhaps a 45 minute wait in the non descript parking lot which slowly filled with other busses and fellow travelers, the IDBUS was a welcome sight and that the driver spoke English was even more welcome.

3 hours later we arrived in Lille and transferred our luggage to the 2nd bus. With confirmation this time that we were on the correct bus and had 2 hours before we took off we set about the business of finding lunch.

The terminal was monstrous however it did not mean that lunch options were abounding. We could either avail ourselves to the unappetizing vending machines or the equally unappetizing choices at the deli.

Finally Joel had the bright idea of bustling across the street to the Marriott hotel restaurant which in short order is what we did. The restaurant had closed but the front desk was kind enough to offer us a hot meal prepared by the kitchen that we could eat at the bar.

With our luggage secured behind the desk we enjoyed delicious sandwiches and a cold beer to fortify us for the 5 hour drive to Victoria Station in London, England.


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