Don’t Want To See Another Beast of Burden

Day 9 – the much anticipated Santorini, Greece where we took the tender into the quaint city of Fira which is an hour outside of the main city.

It is nestled in the craggy cliffs accessible by donkey or cable car.

At the base of the cliff are a few tourist shops and the cable cars whisking you away at 4 euro each.

The donkeys scattered along the cliffs being herded by their drivers made for great photo ops and the scene was rather charming.

A quick 15 minute ride and we were strolling along the cobbled streets with the usual tourist fare and scenic sights of the white buildings against the backdrop of the turquoise Mediterranean Sea.

Lunch was Chinese where the owner thought Joel was someone famous from the previous cruise; too bad it did not result in a percentage off the bill as prices in Euro are a bit disconcerting.

We made our way to the area to catch the cable car back to the ship and were dismayed to find a long line which meant standing in the now sweltering sun for at least an hour.

We made the decision to walk down the 600 steps carved into the hill side.

Not for nothing have we been working out every day putting in 30 minutes on the tread mill.

Remember that scenic sight of the tethered donkeys?

Little did we know that those same donkeys would be encountered on our walk down.

Those that were not precariously in the way were either parked on the side of the steps or clomping past as they were herded vigorously by their whip yielding handlers.

And…. Did I mention the smell and mounds of donkey poop to navigate around?

Not to mention the rock was worn smooth in some places and one misplaced step and you were down possibly landing in donkey doo.

We witnessed one hapless ladies fall and several other near spills.

I cannot fault my dear husband in the least for making the decision to walk the 600 steps as we were both in agreement it was the quicker route.

He was quite gallant pulling me aside by the elbow whenever a herd of donkeys came loping by and at one point tried to solicit a ride down the cliff via donkey but alas they were headed up instead of down.

45 minutes we arrived from the start of our adventure at the bottom only to be confronted by another long line of people waited to board the tender.

I threw myself on the mercy of Joshua and Jessica from the ship, cruise staff that had passed us earlier as they ran down the steps to make their 4:00 curfew time back to the ship.

They graciously allowed us to cut in line shaving valuable waiting time in the 75% – 64% humidity.

Back to the ship we dragged to shower the smell of donkey poop off and siesta until dinner.

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  1. Joslyn says:

    pays to have friends (joshua & jessica) in high places ;)!!! aside from the poo ;), sounds like you took in the sights and got some excercise!!!

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