Ciao Civitavecchia

3 days on land gave us ample time to explore this lovely seaside port. It took a couple of times getting lost as we attempted to make our way to the pier ever present in the distance.

Our first hotel was too far from the city center despite the bicycles at our disposal and the room was too small to accommodate our 6 pieces of luggage.

We were shuttled over to their sister location trading one small dark room for a large dark room which was a family suite at no extra cost.

Be forewarned 3 to 4 star hotels by European standards are not what you imagine suites to be.

Once settled in we made our way to the delicious pizza café on the beach promenade, where our request for every slice be comprised of topping #9 caused our server to belly laugh.

The following day we returned and he teased us in advance begging us to order something with another number.

At the last minute we decided to try a seafood restaurant at the end of the pier. It was full of Italian families out enjoying the beautiful Sunday afternoon and our meals did not disappoint.

When we received our bill two mysterious charges caught our eye. The first was a generous charge for the fish billed at market value and the other “pane” charge was 5 euro to offset the cost of laundering for the cloth napkins and table cloth.

Joel was incredulous and our server seemed puzzled over his attitude. Such is an example of a misadventure of traveling.


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