Bus, Bus, Bust

The best laid plans of mice and men.

Never have we experienced a time when everything we touched turned to shite but this leg of our trip sorely vexed us and drove us several times to tears.

The plan was: From Venice rent a car and drive to Milan where we needed to arrive in 3 hours time in order to make our appointment with IDBUS which would transport us to Lille, France then transfer to bus 2 and arrive at Victoria Station in England where we would transfer to bus 3 in Dover where we would spend 4 days before cruising on Carnival Legend.

Long story short, cue the violins.

After turning the car in at Milan we took a taxi to the seedy bus station and found we’d missed the bus by 15 minutes.

With 6 pieces of luggage one of us needed to be on guard and I volunteered Joel since neither of us wanted me to subjected to any of the characters hanging around the station.

Off I went finally flagging down a taxi after 30 minutes.

We found a nice hotel and booked a room for the night.

When we went online to book another ticket we found that our credit had reached its maximum not knowing that the car rental had double charged it resulting in inefficient funds.

A panicked call to Wanda and she came through sending cash via Western Union where we planned to retrieve it once we arrived in England.

The next day we are on time and comfortably seated on our ID coach.

 Quite nice we thought and considered the luxury of leaving the driving to someone else quite brilliant.

There were several rest stops on the 5 hour journey so when we stopped at a location and a few people stayed on board we asked the driver/captain where we were and she told us in broken English that it was a 30 minute break.

 Back on the bus I settled into a nap and Joel shook me awake stating “things did not feel right.”

You guessed it; the 30 minute break was our location in Lille, France for our London connection.

3 hours later we pulled into a parking lot on a rainy and chilly afternoon in the Nederland’s, Amsterdam.


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