Brother From Another Mother

Day 8 in Kusadasi, Turkey.

“Hey are you from Jamaica? Are you James Brown? I like your hair!”

These are all the things we heard on our brief excursion in Kusadasi as we walked around the port area in search of a seaside restaurant to enjoy a cold brew on a warm day in search of free wifi.

A pleasant hour or so we enjoyed a couple of cold dark beers and hot chips served by the gregarious young waiter who threw down what looked like gang hand signs every time he talked to us.

As we made our way through the embarkation screening process, the officer in charge was so enthralled with my hair “I like your hair may I touch it?”

He never noticed that instead of going through the metal detector I waltzed right through the middle. When Joel walked through the detector the officer reached out his fingers and stealthily touched his hair proclaiming “nice!”

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  1. Joslyn says:

    you guys are super stars everywhere you go!!!

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