Beware the Boot Camp Whisperer

During our preliminary discussion with the amicable South African instructor Stuart he laid out the plan to get us to our optimal goals in a short amount of time, despite his assurance that the work out would be upbeat and fun, but all I could concentrate on where the words “boot camp.”

Mind you I thought boot camps were for service inductees or featured in those relentless “Insanity” infomercials. And before you question my reluctance to working out, before Joel was waylaid with an abdominal injury we had put in the discipline of working out 3 days a week in Boquete.

It was a stimulating and invigorating experience with positive results so my trepidation was not overly severe until I walked in the next morning and my heart sank to see the words” boot camp” boldly written and underlined.

Just 5 minutes into our 45 minute session I was ready to cry uncle despite Stuart urging me to “push through.”

My dear husband sweating and grimacing kept getting the thumbs up and shouts of “go for it” each time he successfully navigated his way through the reps and series of muscle taxing maneuvers.

Prior to our boot camp, Stuart made it clear that we were under no obligation to continue if the class did not suit us and a full refund would be given.

At the end of the course we were $140 richer one person.

Oh and that guy walking with the gait?

That’s just my own personal Spartan!

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  1. Joslyn says:

    That was a funny read, with a happy ending, $140!!!

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