Besos Barcelona

Eight days on land in Barcelona, Spain renting an extremely well located apartment which can be found at the website: ( the very amicable David Montero is the owner and you will be delighted to make his acquaintance should you find yourself in need of a home away from home.

This is a fascinating city akin to some of the most glorious locales we have visited, however on a grander scale.

Yesterday we took advantage of the hop on / hop off bus and for several hours from our vantage point of our roof top seats we took in the splendor of the architecture swooning over the riotous grandeur of the famous sites of the artist Gaudi complete with lines wrapping almost around the block to gain entrance.

As typical modern and ancient dwellings nestled next to one another, melding contemporary with antiquated.

This city is a well oiled machine which appears to be well organized with grand boulevards and controlled traffic with the synergy of cars, busses, mopeds, tourist transports and pedestrians all coexisting and obeying the traffic rules.

Barcelona is a very tidy city and the attention to details of concern in regards to respecting our planet is evident in the number of waste receptacles designated for paper and/or plastic or glass refuse.

Our apartment is within walking distance of a mall that also houses a well appointed grocery store and a very large movie theater.

The only downside to this break on land has been the extremely chilly temperatures which have averaged in the low 60’s.

One more night and we will be heading for a 12 day cruise on Royal Caribbean Serenade of the Seas.




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  1. Joslyn says:

    One word – Wow!!!

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