All’s Well That Ends Well

Stranded, we were in a parking lot with luggage and no taxis in sight.

Joel flagged a cabbie that took one look at our massive baggage and he phoned another driver.

The first thing he asks is what destination and all we knew is we needed a hotel that was clean and reasonable.

Hotel fit the bill and was right in the heart of the city centre, so far so good.

We were in Europe and figured our western union would have our monies.

Sherlock, England and The Nederland’s are too different entities.

A taxi ride back and forth depleting our ever decreasing amount of Euros.

Placing a call to Wanda requesting she change our pick up location to the Nederland’s, back we go to Western Union.

2nd attempt we find out it was not changed.

At this point we are on the verge of panic with no funds and a credit card maxed out.

Finally we secure our monies and our 2nd day in Amsterdam we breathe a sigh of relief.

We had to spend 2 days before the credit card company could release the funds that had been tied up by the rental car.

This post ends at this point as I need to give Amsterdam it’s due and share the highlights of this bohemian city in a separate entry.

Tomorrow we board Celebrity Legend for 24 days and we will be back with further exploits.

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