Aboard Holland America’s Ryndam (Part 3 of 3)

Never have we seen a cosmopolitan city closed and devoid of any action on a Saturday afternoon. We found the city to be unwelcoming and very dirty with evidence of uncurbed dogs at almost every step of the way. To add insult to injury the winding streets and hidden neighborhoods caused us to lose track of our landmark and we wandered around close to an hour before finding our designated bus stop.

We limped back to the ship to unwind with a beer and lunch, listening to all the blue pill partakers rhapsodize about their day on shore albeit many had opted to take one of the many tours to outlying locations.

One lone dissenter spoke angrily about being mislead about the pleasures to be found on Motril and we can only assume he also was not part of the Ryndam matrix.

The night held adventure for us. After dinner I spied a lady from the neighbor table adjacent to ours that I had been curious to know, as I  made my way to introduce myself Joel headed for the casino to try his luck at the slot machine.

After chatting with Virginia and her husband Keith I was invited to enjoy a cocktail with them at the champagne bar which I quickly accepted. They left to find a seat and I went to tell my husband where he could find us when he was done. As I walked up he informed me that he just won a small jackpot of $500!

Needless to say the miserable day we’d had was now forgotten and we spent the rest of the night enjoying conversation with expatriate Brits who now divide their time between Arizona and Cyprus when not cruising the high seas on their preferred cruise line Holland America.

As this first leg of our version of being homeless comes to a close, we have one more port of call which is Palma de Mallorca, Spain before our final destination of Barcelona, Spain.

Here we are on a leisurely ride from the port as we bid a fond adios to the extremely lovely island of Palma de Mallorca. A treasure trove of all the elements of a progressive, cosmopolitan city combined with all the elements one expects of a European experience.

Again another city to rival the love we have of Rome. As far as the eye can see you are surrounded by culture, lively eateries, street entertainers all vying for attention alongside castles, churches and stunning architecture.

We enjoyed a walk around before a delectable lunch of smoked salmon sandwiches and a local beer, then hopped on the big red double Decker bus tooling around the city before heading back to our ship.

Writing this first entry of many to come, the words of a mysterious gentleman we met on the elevator closing out the day on Motril keeps ringing in my head.

After finding out our “home” was Panama he exited the elevator with these parting words,

“You are lucky. You are young and you are not gringo!”

We wonder if he was the oracle in disguise?

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3 Responses to Aboard Holland America’s Ryndam (Part 3 of 3)

  1. joslyn says:

    i so enjoy reading your post!!! you may have gotten off to a rocky start, but what a wonderful ending!!! sounds like you guys always manage to find the bright spots in your travels!!!

  2. wanda gary says:

    well Brother and Sister you all are have a great time. keep on writing I to am enjoying your vacation as you write. Enjoy Love you

  3. wanda gary says:

    hello brother and sister
    How are you all doing. I pray that you are enjoying yourselves. All is well on the home front. I love all your writing. I hope you are planning to write a documentary on your trip. Enjoy yourself. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Love Sis

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