A Failed Romance

Remember that phenomenon in the late 70’s coming upon crowds of people in the mall gathered around optical illusion illustrations with burst of excitement at seeing “hidden” phrases and pictures in the art work?

I for one could never see them and sadly that is the same with the city of Venice.

At 6:30 am we were awakened to the strains of “Ave Maria” broadcast over the ship loudspeakers followed by several other Italian concertos as we cruised into the lovely harbor.

This harbor is one of the most beautiful and the sights and sounds especially of other cruisers on their balconies soaking up the splendor brought a tear to my eye of overwhelming blessedness.

With anticipation I dressed as beautifully as I imagined an Italian starlet would adorn herself for a day enjoying Venezia.

Joel and I merrily purchased our round trip tickets for the water taxi and hopped on for the adventure.

It was a 20 minute ride to the first stop and Joel had to step away to the water closet and our water taxi left us!

With a roundtrip ticket we decided to wait for the next which we were told would be around in 30 minutes.

It was a warm morning and getting warmer by the second as we walked to the end of the small piazza and back.

When we attempted to board the water taxi we were told our ticket would not get us to any other area but back to the ship so we decided to stay and explore the winding side streets.

Several hours later in the ever increasing temperature and unsuccessful attempts to find Wi-Fi at the more scenic restaurants, we ended up at a local nondescript café where we were entertained by the enterprising finch who managed twice to fly in and snag a potato chip from our lunch.

With drained energy we napped the day away back on board, waking with one hour to spare packing our luggage for the cabin steward and the start of our next adventure.

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  1. Janice says:

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the updates..I love reading about your travels!!
    Hey, while I’ve never traveled through the U.K. w/6 pcs. of luggage we did just schlep 4 pcs. from Heathrow to Southampton on Southwest trains..DURING RUSH HOUR!!!! We ended up at the Southampton station with zero pounds to our name, no ATM and not much of an inkling where we were going. Luckily a kind taxi driver agreed to accept our dollars and quickly delivered us to our hotel. We spent a lovely evening and boarded the Breakaway for her maiden crossing.

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