This is the Steam Trunk Traveler, inviting you to join us on an adventure. I know that you will enjoy the trip, that it will thrill you a little, chill you a little and allow you to travel “vicariously”. Everyday …

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This establishment is located in the city of Rio Rancho at 3755 Southern Blvd SE. If you are curious about the origin of the pub name I suggest you check out their website. Because the Fat Squirrel is described as …

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Sorry the fries were disappointing, but the beer sounds like it more than made... more

Your intrepid traveler of StamPunkTravel lore, experienced a unexpected journey at the end of 2013. My Beloved Joel has taken up residence at the ultimate luxury location of Paradise.  Yes, he went before me and I am convinced  the amenities …

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“As the traveler who has once been from home is wiser than he who has never left his own doorstep, so a knowledge of one other culture should sharpen our ability to scrutinize more steadily, to appreciate more lovingly, our …

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Eight Days a Week

In six days G-D created heaven and earth – on the seventh day HE rested. In 8 days we did a transatlantic cruise on the infamous Queen Mary 2 also referred to as QE2. Let me take a moment to …


Santorini, Greece NCL 4

Santorini, Greece…I’ve always wanted to go there?


Kusadasi Turkey NCL 3

Our back to back on Norwegian,second leg…sight so and sounds of Turkey


Summer in the Hamptons

Not those Hamptons – South Hampton. Five days during which England experienced the hottest temperatures on record in seven years. We are fortunate to say we were part of history as we enjoyed unparalleled record temperatures genuine hospitality on our …


What Happens in Amsterdam – Stays in Amsterdam

Our last port of call finishing up our 24 day Carnival Legends cruise. The circumstances of our day in this the capital of the Nederland’s was extremely different from the last time when we found ourselves victims of failed communication …


People Meeting People

One of the pleasures of traveling is making new friends and here I’d like to talk about some of those people we have met. A shout out to the youth – Marina, Claire and Taylor from the Celebrity Sky Lounge …


Excerpts from Joel’s Books

Excerpts from Joel’s Books (A.K.A. Stephen H. Pressler) Success Philosophy Manifesto “In a nutshell, you’ll be happier and more fulfilled in both your personal and business life. The ten personal achievement principles discussed in this book will enhance your understanding …